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I like telling stories.That’s what I do here. Some of them make a point or contain a moral or some kernel of truth. Some are just fun.greg-casual-cutout

I believe great teachers tell stories. Bad teachers lecture. I’ve sat under both. I’ve been both.

My hope is that long after you’ve forgotten “The 10 Easy Steps to Do Whatever,” that something in your daily routine will spark a memory of a story. When that happens, I’m sure the lesson will return.

The man who most impacted my life was my Uncle Rodge. He was the best story teller I’ve ever known and the reason why I call this blog “Blue Handle Channels.” He’s the inspiration for this blog. You can read about him here.

My Story

I am a financial advisor with Edward Jones. I work with people of all ages but my focus is working with people who are approaching retirement and need to figure out the retirement transition. I help them determine the timing of taking Social Security benefits, figuring out whether they have enough money to retire, and then coordinating the liquidation of retirement accounts so that they can replace their paycheck without fear of running out of money halfway through retirement. I also help retires leave a legacy for their children, grandchildren, and the charities that are important to them.

To learn more, visit my website.

I grew up in the small Midwestern town of Pekin, IL with my sister Traci and my Mom.

I graduated from Bradley University where I was a member of the Bradley University Speech Team, the most successful competitive speech team in history. The BU Speech team has won 39 national championships making it the most successful collegiate team of any sport or activity in the nation.

I studied acting in the graduate acting program at the University of Illinois. I still perform from time to time and thoroughly enjoy attending live theater.

I have been married to the fetching Deidre Lhamon since 1988. We have two daughters, Taylor and Rachel. In my free time, I play tennis and the guitar and have developed a passion for fly fishing.

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