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Rekindle Your Passion by Taking a Sabbatical

Breaking the Ice with a Crusty Old Farmer

A Little Help, a Little Hope, and Someone to Believe in Him

8 Things I’ve Learned from Growing Up with a Blind Person

Uncovering Joy in a Nursing Home

How to Get Noticed When You Apply for a Job Online

How to Write a Cover Letter that Will Land You an Interview

Coming Home: A Ghost Around Every Corner

Feet of Clay: When Your Hero Becomes Human

Looking at America Through the Eyes of an Immigrant

Why Do We Avoid People Who Are Different from Us? My fascinating friendship with a guy with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Twenty-Four Inches from Certain Death: Thoughts on God After a Brush with Death

The Lion Still Roars: For Pop, On Father’s Day

The Moral Crisis of Firing an Employee

The Day I Lost My Cool but Got Something Better in Return

Three Ways You Can Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Growing Up Black: Two Men Tell Me about Life Near Ferguson

The Legacy of a Mentor: A Guiding Principle that has Shaped My Life

Another Day, Another Blown Chance at “Father of the Year”

Stop Making Excuses for Always Being Late

The Best Financial Strategy for People in their 20s (and older folks too)

The Dangers of Letting Your Life Revolve Around Your Kids

When an Employee Gives You an Ultimatum

A Lesson in Grit from the Greatest Heavyweight Champion You’ve Never Heard Of

What is the One Thing Every Boy Needs to Become a Man?

In the Mood for a Good Story? Listen to “The Luck of Roaring Camp”

On Turning 50: Wild Hairs and Other Baffling Discoveries

The Outdoors: God’s Call to a Heart that Needs to Worship

9 Bad Email Habits You Must Break in Order to Actually Get Work Done

5 Ways to Get Your Facebook Posts Seen by More People

7 Common Mistakes New Leaders Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Seven Innings with a Vietnam Vet: A Riveting First-Person Account of War

What an Old Family Picture Teaches Me about Happiness

You Suck at PowerPoint! (but you can get better)

The Day a Cattle Farmer Asked Me to Do the Unthinkable

Your Most Effective Weapon in Dealing with Conflict

Surprise Me! The Art of Keeping a Reader’s Attention

Memorize Any List of 20 Items in 2 Minutes. Guaranteed.

A Simple Trick to Make a Powerful Last Impression

The Day I Mustered Up the Gumption: A Personal Post

How to Tell a Story: Truth is More Important than Facts

A Writing Tip that’ll Ignite the Imagination of Your Readers

How to Ace the Most Important Question in a Job Interview

7 Things a High School Bully Taught Me about Facing Fear

The Next Time You Introduce Someone, Make it Magical!

The Secret to Managing Employees When They Blow It

Kevin Durant Did Something Each of Us Should Do

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Five Things Writers Can Learn from Fly Fishermen

Four Ways to Meet a Celebrity without Embarrassing Yourself

An Inspiring Ad that Affirms Goodness. A Powerful Ending.

Why I Respect the Guy Who Smells of Rotten Produce

Tragedy + Time = Comedy (or The Day Our “Good Car” Nearly Killed Me)

Stephen King Taught Me What Not to Say to a Person Who is Grieving

Don’t Go it Alone. Find a Coach.

A Simple Thought that Made Praying Easier for Me

How to Record Home Movies that You’ll Actually Watch

Paying for College: Start a 529 Plan for Your Kids Today

Four Reasons Why the “God Made a Farmer” Ad will Sell Trucks

Thoughts on a Macbook Air from a Lifetime PC User