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How to Manage a Passive-Aggressive Employee

One of the most challenging personality types to manage is a passive-aggressive person.


Because when they have a disagreement or an issue with you, they rarely come to you and address it. Instead, they’ll go around your back and talk to others on your team.

I’ve dealt with my share of passive-aggressive personalities in my nearly 30 year career as an executive. And one thing I’ve learned is that you cannot ignore an employee who is passive-aggressive thinking it’ll get better. 

It won’t. It never does. 

The video below is a replay of a live webinar I conducted in which I covered the following points:

  • The progression of passive-aggressive behavior and how to spot it before it becomes a terrible headache for you.
  • How to manage the person in such a way that minimizes the effect their behavior has on your team. You’ll learn how to confront them gently but firmly.
  • And finally, I cover how — if nothing else works — you can manage them so that they decide to leave instead of you having to fire them.

Let me know if this was valuable to you.

NOTE: The recording has some static at the front but it resolves around the 3 minute mark. And what’s more frustrating (at least for me) is that the audio track gets out of sync with the video. I’m afraid that was a problem with the webinar service I used.